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Legal Services and Conveyance

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence / Conveyance

When buying Real Estate in Brazil the document verification process and conveyance process is most certainly different in some aspects to the process as you are more familiar with in your home country.

Investment Services Brazil believes the first essential step towards ensuring your investment is secure is explaining and making visible to you the client, the Brazilian legal document checking process regarding real estate purchases within Brazil. You will receive an easy to understand, detailed report before the process begins of all documents, taxes, considerations and vendor background checks that are required to ensure you a safe and informed real estate investment. The Brazilian legal process is extremely bureaucratic and it is essential that you use the services of a highly competent and experienced Brazilian lawyer. The system has several weaknesses and unless your Brazilian lawyer is diligent they will fail to adequately protect you.

During the entire process with Investment Services Brazil you will also be able to easily track the progress of each step, see the outcome and of course any relevant information uncovered. This includes and online client login that is linked to our in-house process management software allowing you to see every step in plain English.

Finally, your legal case supervisor, a qualified and experienced local Brazilian lawyer, will then provide you with an overall summary and any relevant advice required. With our head office in Fortaleza, we can cover all cities in the North east of Brazil.

As well as understanding the foreign purchaser's need for this level of information we also understand the need for a more competitive and up to date charging method. As such Investment Services Brazil charge a low fixed fee for the services in place of the more traditional and more expensive percentage charges often associated with legal services for Real Estate in Brazil.

If you have purchased or are considering purchasing Real Estate in Fortaleza, Recife, Natal or Salvador then Investment Services Brazil can ensure that your Brazilian investment is a safe and effective one.

Other Services.

In addition to our core service of Pre-Purchase due diligence, Investment Services Brazil offers the key legal support services foreign purchasers require. These include facilities such as power of attorney and Brazilian Company administration. We also have an immigration consultant that can assist with Brazilian Investment visas for those wishing to leverage their investment and operate a full time business or lifestyle in Brazil.

We realise that when buying Real Estate in Fortaleza, Recife, Natal or Salvador that you, the investor, have many additional service requirements. We can help with all aspects of legal, accounting and logistics.


These legal services combined with that other services ensure that you the foreign purchaser can be legally informed, prepared and protected to ensure that your Brazilian Investment can initiate and develop in accordance with your investment strategy.

Contact us today to speak with a Brazilian lawyer.